Weasel Software

We work hard so that our
customers can best benefit from
the possibilities of a digitalising world.

If you need smart services, solutions and support, we are here for you!

We design and develop software, electronic services and cloud environments together with the customer – this allows us to meet our customers needs comprehensively.

We find the most effective ways to digitalize our customer’s business – enabling effortless work regardless of time and location.

We lead projects confidently and smoothly from start to finish – trusting our long experience with demanding projects.


We offer precise expertise in resourcing, work supervision and implementation of the client's projects

We find the best practices and implementations, and streamline the client’s processes. We offer skilled experts to get the job done. As a result, the customer makes the best use of the software and electronic services they manage.

We provide you with:

  • Software developers, solution architects, database experts
  • Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Agile Coaches, SAFe Methodology Experts and Training
  • User interface and usability experts, as well as service designers
  • Cloud experts, as well as continuous integration experts (CI / CD / DevOps)
  • Testing experts including testing coordination and test automation
  • Digitization strategies, design and implementation, development managers, CIO services

We help to cut costs and maximize the capacity in our customer’s software and server environment, for example by utilising cloud services.

We figure out what needs to be done in terms of business transformation, applications and IoT solutions to support the changing needs of our customer’s business.

We coach and train the customer on the path to more agile ways of working.

Software Development

We create web applications, electronic services and mobile applications to be used with terminals and mobile devices.

We help with digitalization: opportunities for new business models, developing service experience and finding cost savings.

The apps we make are easy to use and visually pleasing. In software projects, we always choose the best technology for the purpose.

We provide you with:

  • Java & Open Source applications
  • Microsoft .Net applications
  • React / Angular interfaces
  • Android mobile applications
  • Apple iOS mobile applications
  • Embedded applications (C / C ++)
  • Internet of Things (IoT) applications

Our expertise includes full stack web programming, mobile programming and embedded systems, as well as related integrations.

An essential part of our application development process is data security and related secure application development.

Also important to us are an efficient and highly automated software development process, the right tools, test automation, continuous release (CI / CD) and DevOps practices.

We implement the applications we make primarily as cloud services. As part of the digitalisation process, we will also move the customer’s old applications to cloud services.

Digital Services

We design and build convenient electronic services, web pages and e-commerce solutions.

We create easy-to-use and attractive-looking digital services, which we maintain and develop in cooperation with the customer.

We provide you with:

  • Digital services implemented according to the customer’s needs
  • Liferay online services
  • WordPress Web sites
  • Woocommerce online stores
  • Google optimization and advertising

We do modern visual design for websites and ensure ease of use and operation on all terminals. All online services we offer are digital marketing solutions that also include search engine optimization and search engine advertising.

We integrate e-commerce solutions and digital e-services with existing back-end systems, strong authentication, electronic signatures or as part of the customer’s business processes.

Thanks to these online services communicating with end customers becomes easier and decision-making more fluid.

All the applications and digital services we implement are built to run on a cloud platform. This provides the customer the ability to scale the capacity if the application / service if need be.

Cloud Services

We offer consulting for cloud transition planning and implementation, as well as cloud service management.

When located in a secure cloud infrastructure, services are always available and their development and maintenance is flexible, scalable and configurable. In addition, deployment does not require an initial investment, as the cloud service is paid for according to usage.

We provide you with:

  • Amazon AWS cloud services
  • Google GCP & Firebase
  • Microsoft Azure cloud services

We advise the customer on the design and building of cloud infrastructure and offer cloud capacity for customer use. Naturally, we also implement applications using cloud environments in an agile way.

Cloud services are more secure, affordable, and flexible than traditional “in-house or service provider on-premise servers”. The servers are almost maintenance-free and can be installed in a matter of minutes.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

We implement artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions as part of every modern application and application development process.

In solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, data-based learning and proactive models are created programmatically. They are then utilized as part of the customer’s application or business process.

We provide you with:

  • Machine Vision Solutions
    machine learning
  • Artificial Intelligence Solutions
  • Automation of inference rules for business processes
  • Optimization of operational activities
  • Intelligent document management

We build efficient AI and machine learning infrastructures and environments for our customers. With ready-made product solutions, the algorithms are also within the scope of version control, so data analysts can quickly analyze the effects of changes in the algorithms without additional effort.

As part of our expert services, we assist in the definition, design, implementation and testing phases of projects utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence, and build related environments.

Document Management solutions

We design and implement the systems and solutions needed for document management with decades of experience.

We help our clients keep their documents organized and easy to find. Whether it is contracts, meeting notes or project documentation, we make sure that the documents and related processes support the business of our client company.

We provide you with:

  • Alfresco content management
  • Google GSuite Content Manager
  • Microsoft Sharepoint / Office 365
  • OpenText eDocs DM Document Manager
  • Active Docs document templates and automation
  • Activiti / Camunda process engines

We use the world’s leading product solutions, around which we implement document processing processes, applications and integrations together with the customer.

Utilizing ready-made applications and our years of business expertise, we also implement case management, Sähke2 and information management (TOJ) solutions to support document management in central government or cities.

We also agilely implement applications and services in the cloud, enabling capacity scaling as needed.