Weasel Software

Weasel Software

An open, fair and
agile Finnish software company

Software Development

We develop and maintain applications in cloud services using the best practices, tools, programming languages and methods.

Content Management, Web Pages & Online Services

We deliver and maintain leading document management solutions, websites, online stores, digital marketing and e-commerce solutions.

Professionals for Projects

We find the right professionals for the different roles in our clients’ projects: from product management to UX-design and from software development to application maintenance.

Cloud Services

We develop and maintain software and applications as cloud services. We transfer customers' exiting solutions and servers to the cloud and provide cloud born ICT-services.

Weasel Software is a Finnish software company owned by its employees. Our passion is the digital world and the opportunities it offers – we work hard to help our customers reach them.

Going through the customer’s current business concept and offering our vision and services to digitize it is a cornerstone of our way of working – and we always do it together with the customer. If our customer already has an online strategy, we will help to implement it.


When you work with us, you always know what you are getting. We will tell you honestly about the current situation as well as about possibly problematic areas.


We help one another. We care. We believe in long-term cooperation, and that is not achieved by collecting quick wins. It is achieved by being good people.


We are explorative, curious and learning. Problems are often solved phase by phase – which is why we go through vigorous testing and reviewing.

“The mobile development done by Weasel Software was insightful, the implementation started quickly and the service was flexible. I recommend Weasel Software as an agile service provider to others as well.”

Pirkka Lankinen, CEO, PayiQ

“The archiving of the old system data had been attempted for ten years, and Weasel Software finally implemented it in a few months. Thank you!”

Tarja Elmgren, Project Manager, Finnish Center for Pensions

“During the spring of 2020, we renewed the bus stop schedules for public transport in the Turku region in cooperation with Weasel Software. The cooperation went smoothly and the project was completed on schedule, according to goals. We will definitely work with Weasel Software in the future as well!”

Topias Pihlava, Development Manager, Turku Region Traffic

“The Weasel-team combines technical expertise, customer spirit and proactivity. Thumbs up for it!”

Tarja Elmgren, Project Manager, Finnish Center for Pensions

“The expert we had from Weasel Software was so efficient that he exceeded our
expectations – we discovered we had over-estimated both the workload and the budget
needed for the project. In the project, our company’s Open Text eDOCS document
management system was upgraded to match the latest standards. Thank you for your
reliable and agile operation!”

Ari-Pekka Neuvonen, Director of ICT Services, Traficom

“We renewed the bus stop schedules in Kuopio in cooperation with Weasel Software in 2021. With the Public Transport Timetable Generator service, we were able to create stop-specific schedules for stops and tidy up the information presented – A4 prints were replaced with larger posters. We have been pleased with the new stop schedules and the cooperation with Weasel.”

Tero Myyryläinen, Public Transport Engineer, Kuopio Region Public Transport




2,8 mil EUR






Every week we work over 1500 hours for our customers.

Long customer relationships


We do our job right.

We have over 1000 top-level Finnish experts in our network.

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    CEO / Agile Coach

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  • Hanna Roihuvaara


  • +358 45 633 1306
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Our offices are in Helsinki, Turku, Jyväskylä, Tampere and Lappeenranta, but we have work spaces available in Hämeenlinna, Forssa, and Pori as well. From here we service our customers in Finland and Scandinavia.