An agile Finnish software company

Software Development

We develop and maintain software and applications agile in the cloud using best practises, tools and methods.

Content Management, Web Pages & E-Services

We provide world leading document management solutions, web content management, webpages, webshops, digital marketing and e-services.

Specialist Services

We provide our experts on client projects for client support in a variety of roles around software development from agile product management to software implementation and application maintenance.

Cloud Services

We develop and maintain software and applications in the cloud. We transfer customer solutions and servers to the cloud and provide cloud born ICT- services.

Weasel Software’s know-how and passion is a world of digitalization and new opportunities around it. Weasel Software digitalizes and develops the business of its customers, leveraging best practices, software, cloud services, solutions and maintenance services.

Weasel Software’s experience and expertise help our clients with the challenges of digitalization by transforming these challenges into opportunities. Weasel Software digitalizes and develops their clients business, improves operations by using the best methods, software and cloud services

We develop and maintain software by using best practices. We provide support in the planning of digitalization, the implementation of it, and in the transition to cloud services. We support our clients change process into more streamlined and agile modes of operation by coaching and training in the best methods, particularly by using the SAFe Framework.


  • Juha Laurila

    CEO / Agile Coach

  • +358 40 774 9589
  • juha.laurila@weaselsw.fi
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  • Henri Valkama

    Projects & Customer Relationships

  • +358 50 590 8822
  • henri.valkama@weaselsw.fi
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  • Riitta Laurila

    Customer Relationships

  • +358 40 553 7375
  • riitta.laurila@weaselsw.fi


Our offices are located in Turku and Jyväskylä in Finland. In addition we we have working premises in Helsinki, Hämeenlinna, Forssa and Pori in Finland where we serve our customers in Finland and Scandinavia.