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Good people doing good work and helping each other. We are experts in the software industry, each with our own strengths, but above all we are a working community. We make decisions together and self-directed, we help and encourage each other, and occasionally we spend free time with each other. Because we happen to like each other!

For us, mutual respect and appreciation is the base of being together. It does not matter if you’re a seasoned software veteran or just starting your career, a fresh front-end enthusiast or an experienced cloud guru – when you’re part of our community, you’re an equal member.

Together, we create a workplace where different temperaments, character traits and ways of being are welcome. We want good things for each other, and we show it by being considerate and kind.

Weasels tell



"Right now is a good time to join Weasel – it’s still a small and agile company, but with big visions."



"We have a vast array of different roles and jobs to match different interests. Personal development is also encouraged."



"Work can be done with technologies that interest you, no one forces you to use legacy!"



"Weasel really has a great team spirit that encourages personal growth. A safe environment where there's room to grow and learn! Freedom and responsibility."



"Doing things together. Warm and equal atmosphere, which makes it easy to come up with ideas together. We have the power!"



"In a growing and innovative software company, there's interesting work to be done every day – and great people to work with!"

We want you to succeed!

As a member of our work community, you get to participate in decision-making and your advice is listened to. Weasel Software offers you a place to use and develop your skills, help your colleagues and solve our customers’ challenges.

As part of our team, you can have a strong influence on both your own job and the orientation of the entire community. We encourage you to develop and learn new things, and to approach what you do with that famous passion. We want you to succeed!

Together across the country!

We work in several different cities in Finland, so we have different routines that help us maintain a sense of togetherness even when we’re away from each other.

We get together virtually every week for “Friday info” and “Tuesday coffees”. We meet each other in city groups even in our free time, for example for a restaurant dinner or a sports event. A company-wide “quarterly meeting” is organized every few months, and then we see each other live in different cities. In addition, we travel between company locations smoothly whenever the need arises!