Weasel Software

Weasel Software is a
growing, innovative,and agile
Finnish software company.

Weasel Software is a Finnish software company owned by its employees

Our passion is the digital world and the new possibilities it brings

We work to improve our clients’ business practises through digital means. Our services include software consultations, software development, software maintenance, cloud services, and training services. These are our tools for discovering ways to improve our customers’ efficiency, cut spendings, and find new business opportunities. All solutions are planned and implemented together with the customer.

Five cities’ worth of solutions

Weasel Software was founded in 2017. Our customers are mainly mid-sized and large corporations and civic organisations. Our offices are in Helsinki, Turku, Jyväskylä, Tampere, and Lappeenranta but we have work spaces available in Hämeenlinna, Forssa, and Pori as well. From here we service our customers in Finland and Scandinavia.

Do you want to work with us?

Weasel Software’s guiding principle is to work together with other digital enterprises in the spirit of fair and diverse cooperation. We have built an expansive cooperative network out of our partnerships that we utilize to everyone’s benefit. This enables us to offer our customers the agility of smaller enterprises with the performance of a much larger organization. We work in flexible cooperation with our partners on various projects and bids, aiming to build a killer team with just the right people.

If this sounds like an organization you would be interested in working with, contact us by email: partners@weaselsoftware.fi