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Port of Helsinki, Ports of Stockholm & Mariehamns Hamn

SmartPort System takes care of passenger traffic in the ports

Developed and maintained by Weasel Software, the SmartPort System software takes care of directing passenger traffic in Europe’s busiest passenger ports, such as Helsinki, Stockholm, and Turku. In total, almost 20 million ship passengers pass through the system’s gates annually. We are continuously expanding our service offerings and are looking for new ports to collaborate with.

Numerous passenger ports in the Baltic Sea are using the SmartPort System in their passenger terminals. The software is used for controlling passenger traffic at the travel gates of port terminals. At the gate, the passenger presents their travel ticket QR code to a scanner before boarding the ship. The system verifies that the displayed travel ticket is correct, valid, and unused. Afterward, the system opens the gates and allows the passenger to pass through.

Simultaneously, the shipping companies need information that the passenger has boarded the ship, and the SmartPort system conveys this information to them. The system also provides statistical information and event logs about passengers to port operators, presented in an easily understandable format.

SmartPort System’s cloud transition was completed in a year

Until early 2022, the SmartPort application operated as local installations in ports, and all information related to passengers was processed locally. Weasel Software executed a complete transition to the Amazon Web Services cloud for the software in a year, and the entire project was completed in the fall of 2023.

Alongside the cloud transition, the control unit operating systems and applications for the gates were also updated. With the help of a skilled team, the project was successfully completed within the planned schedule and the defined budget.

“SmartPort is also continuously developed, and functionalities that ease the everyday lives of product users are added. We are constantly planning other solutions within the same access control product family,” says Robert Sundell, the project leader for SmartPort.

The SmartPort team serves its port customers fluently in Finnish, Swedish, and English.


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Cloud migration planning and implementation on AWS

Integration planning and implementation

Hardware and software design and implementation (Embedded Linux)

System maintenance, production operations, ongoing development, and service management and service desk


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