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Port of Helsinki, Ports of Stockholm & Mariehamns Hamn

SmartPort System takes care of passenger trafic in the ports

Europe’s busiest passenger ports in Helsinki, Stockholm, Turku and Mariehamn rely on the technology provided by Weasel Software to guide their passengers. The SmartPort System ensures that the ticket displayed at the transit gate is correct and valid, and lets the ticket holder enter through the gate only at the correct time. At the same time, the app transmits information to the ferry company as to whether or not the person displaying the ticket has passed through the gate.

The SmartPort System application is used to monitor passenger traffic at the port: the passenger shows the QR code of their ticket to the gate scanner before boarding the ship. The application ensures that the travel ticket shown by the passenger is correct and valid, and ensures that the ticket holder can enter the gate only at the right time. After scanning, the application transmits information to the ferry company about whether the person who showed the ticket went through the gate or not.

Weasel Software will further develop and maintain the SmartPort System, which it acquired in early 2022. We are constantly expanding our service offering and we are actively looking for new ports to become our partners.

“The SmartPort business fits well into our company: we have solid expertise in device-specific public transport solutions, such as the bus information display software we have developed. We are also familiar with the development and maintenance of critical systems like this. And in addition, we are used to serving our customers in English, Swedish and Finnish, which are the main languages ​​of SmartPort’s current stakeholders”, says Juha Laurila, CEO of Weasel Software.


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