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Mobile development for a cloud-based ticketing platform

As part of Weasel Software’s public transport business, we have been involved in the development of mobile applications and background services for PayiQ’s ticketing platform. PayiQ’s Ticketing as a Service -platform is used, for example, in Turku region’s public transport mobile application: the Föli-application is built and customized on top of PayiQ’s platform.

PayiQ’s ticketing system streamlines the use of public transport: purchasing and checking a ticket, a route guide and map-based travel planning, mobile recharging of travel cards and other bus ticketing needs are conveniently handled through the mobile platform. The platform will also collect information on ticket usage and customer movement so that it can be analyzed and used to improve the whole system.

We have been involved in developing Android mobile payments using NFC, improving the usability of applications, and developing and maintaining the platform to meet the features of the latest Android and iOS phones. In addition, we have been implementing the features of a virtual travel card running on the phone – if the public transport company’s hardware supports the virtual card, no physical travel card is needed at all, and all ticket information exists and is available directly on the phone.

The mobile development done by Weasel Software was insightful, the implementation started quickly and the service was flexible. I recommend Weasel Software as an agile service provider to others as well.

Pirkka Lankinen



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