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Laurea University of Applied Sciences

Tutor-teacher's guidance application

The tutor-teacher’s guidance application is a tool for monitoring and guiding the progress of studies. The service provides teaching and guidance staff with real-time information on the progress of individual students in their studies, as well as whole educational groups. The application runs in cloud and covers more than 10,000 students. Weasel Software will further develop and maintain the application until 2025.

With the help of the tutor-teacher’s guidance application, the tutoring staff is able to pick out the students whose study progress has slowed down and focus help to them. Through instructive means they can help the student catch up with their studies and complete them within the target time.

Likewise, it is also possible at an early stage to identify students who are advancing faster than their peers and to allow them an “acceleration lane” so that these students can graduate on a faster schedule.

Weasel Software aims to make the application easier to use, clearer and more secure.

“Because the application processes personal information related to the progress of studies, it is important that it is done in a secure and trustworthy manner,” comments Henri Valkama, Project Manager at Weasel Software.

The application is developed in a customer-oriented manner, i.e. the aim is to make its use as easy and intuitive as possible for its users. During the project, the most important functionalities have been further developed so that administrators can easily manage them in the application themselves.


Development and maintenance work

Cloud service resource management

Integrations in a cloud environment

Development of a CI/CD business model

Service management


Microsoft .Net

Azure DevOps

Azure SQL

Azure Data Factory