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Finnish Centre for Pensions

Transferring old archive material and creating an interface

The Finnish Center for Pensions (ETK) needed a software solution for archival data that had been waiting on a hard drive for more than ten years, enabling it to be retrieved, used and classified again.

Weasel Software built an environment for archiving and implemented an application that transferred old material to the archive. In addition, Weasel Software customized a user interface, which makes it easy to access the stored data again.

The complete archive solution was managed by Weasel Software’s team of software developers in a few months, listening to the customer’s wishes and needs.

The archiving of the old system data had been attempted for ten years, and Weasel Software finally implemented it in a few months. Thank you!

Tarja Elmgren

Finnish Centre for Pensions


Project definition and management

Defining a metadata set taking into account telegraph 2 specifications

Creating a DM archive library

Building a transfer tool

Building a modern interface


Microsoft .Net

OpenText DM

SQL Server