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Finnish Centre for Pensions

Payroll Document Management Application

Once salaries have been calculated in ETK’s payroll system, a document management application built by Weasel Software takes this information and stores it in an easy-to-use format. This is not just an archive: it is also possible to modify the status of the documents. For example, it can be indicated whether a document is new, in the process of being processed or awaiting review.

A particularly important feature is the clear and functional search system built into the application. You can retrieve information based on the properties of the documents, such as the subject or the type of invoice. A search based on the information inside the document is also possible. Because the application processes people’s personal payroll data, the GDPR angle is carefully managed.


Project definition and management

Defining a metadata set taking into account sähke2-specifications

Creating a DM archive library

Building a transfer tool

Building a modern interface


Microsoft .Net

OpenText DM

SQL Server