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Porin Puuvilla Oy

Energy efficiency made visible on the displays of Puuvilla shopping center in Pori

Shopping center Puuvilla wanted an effective way to communicate its energy efficiency to customers. Weasel Software provided a comprehensive solution that combined user-centric design with precise technical implementation. Now, the electricity produced by the shopping center’s own solar panels is displayed on screens throughout the shopping corridors in real-time.

Puuvilla is a carbon-neutral shopping center, with over 90% of its heating and cooling energy sourced sustainably. However, a large portion of the shopping center’s customers were unaware of this. Puuvilla wanted to change this situation and inform both visitors to the shopping center and users of its website about its energy efficiency efforts.

The project, executed by Weasel Software, resulted in an integrated solution on the shopping center’s smart screens, presenting clear, engaging, and informative data about the electricity production from solar panels on the shopping center’s roof.

“The collaboration with Weasel Software’s team was very natural, and together we developed an idea that the entire management team appreciated. It was fascinating to see how the idea evolved step by step until implementation,” says shopping center director Tiina Justén.

Meeting the shopping center’s needs and the perspective of everyday shoppers

Weasel Software and Puuvilla’s joint project began with understanding the customers’ needs and analyzing their requirements. Service designer Miia Turunen notes that the team carefully listened to the shopping center’s needs and gathered insights from visitors.

“We boldly immersed ourselves in the bustling shopping center environment, spending a day interacting with people and gathering their perspectives,” Turunen describes.

Design, technical implementation, and project management combined

At the core of technical design and implementation were Weasel Software’s programming and architectural expertise, ensuring the solution’s durability and scalability. Throughout the project, Weasel Software provided flexible and clear project management, ensuring easy communication for the customer by centralizing it through one designated project manager.

“The project timeline and budget remained as agreed, and we were always well informed about the project’s progress,” says property manager Ville Mattila.

As sustainability increasingly influences consumer behavior in the retail sector, we want to ensure that Porin Puuvilla continues to communicate its leadership in energy efficiency and digitalization. After the active development phase, we transitioned into the maintenance phase, offering ongoing support and development to the shopping center.

The collaboration with Weasel Software's team was very natural, and together we developed an idea that the entire management team appreciated. It was fascinating to see how the idea evolved step by step until implementation.

Tiina Justén

shopping center director, Puuvilla


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Usability and interface design (UI/UX)

Solution and application architecture design

Technical implementation and maintenance


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