Weasel Software

Our customers choose us because
we are a fair partner: we keep our promises
and are proactive in finding the best solutions.

On the customers’ side – in an open, fair and agile way

We are valued as a partner because we keep our promises. Our strongest guidelines are the customers’ needs – it is a matter of pride to us that we see a project through with commitment and competence. Our customers are mainly mid-sized and large corporations and civic organisations.

Our motto is to do our work in an open, fair, and agile way. When cooperating with us, the customer always knows what they will get.

User-friendly UX / UI design: ASTI system for the education and training industry of the City of Helsinki

When customers are the parents of children participating in early childhood education in the entire Helsinki area (approximately 30,000 children) and the early childhood education staff who take care of the children, the requirements for a smoothly operating system are extensive. The ASTI system is used, for example, to seek a place for a child in early childhood education and pre-school education and in the future its use will be extended to school-age children.

Weasel Software has been involved in the project as part of Gofore Oy’s work team. The areas of responsibility have been, for example, planning the usability of the system, preparing and conducting user surveys, and the design of functionalities related to customer payments.

“The Asti system must meet the demanding requirements for accessibility and usability of public administration. The fulfillment of these criteria is ensured by designing the service together with the users”, says Senior UX Designer Jukka Taipalus

User-centered design is at the heart of Weasel Software’s way of working, no matter the size of the design project. For such a large and wide-ranging system, we pay special attention to this: tools used include user interviews, prototyping and facilitated workshops.

The system is currently aimed at early childhood education and pre-primary education, but development work is being carried out to include the whole curriculum in primary education as well as secondary education in the same system. The project will continue for years to come and we are proud to be involved in building the world’s best education system!

Our responsibilities include:

  • User interviews
  • Mapping user needs
  • User interface design and prototyping
  • Facilitation of design workshops
  • Usability testing
  • Accessibility assessments

SmartPort System takes care of passenger traffic in the ports

Europe’s busiest passenger ports in Helsinki, Stockholm and Mariehamn rely on the technology provided by Weasel Software to guide their passengers. The SmartPort System ensures that the ticket displayed at the transit gate is correct and valid, and lets the ticket holder enter through the gate only at the correct time. At the same time, the app transmits information to the ferry company as to whether or not the person displaying the ticket has passed through the gate.

Weasel Software will further develop and maintain the SmartPort System, which it acquired in early 2022. We are constantly expanding our service offering and we are actively looking for new ports to become our partners.

“The SmartPort business fits well into our company: we have solid expertise in device-specific public transport solutions, such as the bus information display software we have developed. We are also familiar with the development and maintenance of critical systems like this. And in addition, we are used to serving our customers in English, Swedish and Finnish, which are the main languages ​​of SmartPort’s current stakeholders”, says Juha Laurila, CEO of Weasel Software.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Project and service management
  • Application development, design of application architecture and solutions
  • System maintenance
  • Mapping customer needs for upcoming cloud version

The technologies used are e.g Spring Boot, Percona XtraDB Cluster, HazelCast IMDB, Tomcat.

Nysse and Vilkku: Public transport timetable posters to Tampere and Kuopio

“Providing public transport timetables so that key information is available at each stop” – this might sound simple, but in reality it requires a huge amount of data that first needs to be processed and then provided in a comprehensive visualized form. The expected result is an easy-to-read poster that shows the timetables and also other stop-specific information that is relevant to passengers.

The Public Transport Timetable Generator service, developed and maintained by Weasel Software, responds to this need with a software solution: from raw data it creates a unique, visual poster for each public transport stop, showing, among other things, ticket prices or travel zones.

“The timetable generator offers the possibility to also create distribution data that tells you the details of each stop: what size of a poster is needed for the stop, how many posters are needed and in what order you need to print them to make it as easy as possible,” says Rauli Heikkinen, Project Manager at Weasel Software.

In the Tampere region our posters can also be seen at tram stops. In addition, Weasel was customizing a system to control Waltti screens for public transport in the Tampere region.

“Both the Tampere and Kuopio public transport authorities had heard about our handy software and good service, as we had already done a similar case for Föli in Turku. This successful example led to these projects being agreed and started, ”says Henri Valkama, Project Manager at Weasel Software.

During an intensive phase lasting about six months, the software was adapted to fit the public transport data of Tampere and Kuopio, as the route and schedule data for the public transport lines in each city are slightly different. Therefore, the same software does not directly fit the needs of different cities.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Application development
  • Maintaining and, if necessary, developing a conversion tool that converts GTFS data to Jore format
  • Creating printout layouts programmatically
  • Project and service management
  • Maintenance services and further development
  • Cloud Support (Azure and AWS)

The technologies used in the service are e.g. Node.js, React, REST-Api, Azure cloud services.

PayiQ – Mobile development for a cloud-based ticketing platform

As part of Weasel Software’s public transport business, we have been involved in the development of mobile applications and background services for PayiQ’s ticketing platform. PayiQ’s Ticketing as a Service -platform is used, for example, in Turku region’s public transport mobile application: the Föli-application is built and customized on top of PayiQ’s platform.

PayiQ’s ticketing system streamlines the use of public transport: purchasing and checking a ticket, a route guide and map-based travel planning, mobile recharging of travel cards and other bus ticketing needs are conveniently handled through the mobile platform. The platform will also collect information on ticket usage and customer movement so that it can be analyzed and used to improve the whole system.

We have been involved in developing Android mobile payments using NFC, improving the usability of applications, and developing and maintaining the platform to meet the features of the latest Android and iOS phones. In addition, we have been implementing the features of a virtual travel card running on the phone – if the public transport company’s hardware supports the virtual card, no physical travel card is needed at all, and all ticket information exists and is available directly on the phone.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Development work as part of a team
  • Android mobile development
  • iOS mobile development
  • Mobile device backend development
  • Development of mobile payments using NFC

The technologies used in mobile development are e.g. Objective-C, Swift, Java, Python and Django.

Prime Minister’s Office Finland – “Sitoumus 2050” -service

How do you and your organization enhance sustainable development? Make a commitment and join us in shaping the best possible Finland by 2050! Weasel Software develops and maintains a sustainability-orientated website Sitoumus2050 for Prime Minister’s Office, as we believe in web development with a cause and in a better common tomorrow.

Responsibility and sustainable development will become tangible with concrete examples through the Sitoumus2050 service. A service targeted at individuals, businesses and third sector actors alike, it encourages to make commitments for a better tomorrow.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Commitment to the development and maintenance of the 2050 online service
  • UX / UI design

The technologies used are e.g. Java, React.js, Node.js, PostgreSQL, MongodB, Elasticsearch, Liferay and Amazon AWS cloud services.

Finnish Centre for Pensions – Document management

When nearly a million archived documents and their metadata needed to be transferred from an ancient archiving system to a new one, nothing was allowed to go wrong. A reliable partner was needed to carry out the exact work, so the Finnish Center for Pensions chose Weasel Software.

The Finnish Center for Pensions values ​​a reliable, trustworthy and customer-focused partner, which has – in a good, cooperative – enabled Weasel Software to provide its’ assistance and solutions to a wide range of their problems. For example, we at Weasel Software are currently developing the FCP’s electronic mailing service, which ensures that Finns receive their important pension-related documents.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Document management solutions, identification of needs and simplification of maintenance
  • Developing the document management information system and facilitating its’ administration
  • Application development, application architecture and solution design
  • Project management
  • Professionals for project: Sähke2-services

The technologies used in the service are e.g. Microsoft .Net, C #, TSQL, OpenText eDocs DM, Active Docs, Adlib and Aspose.

Transferring old archive material and creating an interface

The Finnish Center for Pensions (ETK) needed a software solution for archival data that had been waiting on a hard drive for more than ten years, enabling it to be retrieved, used and classified again. Weasel Software built an environment for archiving and implemented an application that transferred old material to the archive. In addition, Weasel Software customized a user interface, which makes it easy to access the stored data again.

The complete archive solution was managed by Weasel Software’s team of software developers in a few months, listening to the customer’s wishes and needs.

Our responsibilities were:

  • Project definition and management
  • Defining a metadata set taking into account telegraph 2 specifications
  • Creating a DM archive library
  • Building a transfer tool
  • Building a modern interface

The technologies used were e.g. Microsoft .Net, OpenText DM, SQL Server.

Payroll Document Management Application

Thanks to a successful archive project, we have been able to continue cooperating with the Finnish Center for Pensions in numerous other contexts as well. One of them is the rationalization of the document management of the data archive of the ETC’s pay department.

Once salaries have been calculated in ETK’s payroll system, a document management application built by Weasel Software takes this information and stores it in an easy-to-use format. This is not just an archive: it is also possible to modify the status of the documents. For example, it can be indicated whether a document is new, in the process of being processed or awaiting review.

A particularly important feature is the clear and functional search system built into the application. You can retrieve information based on the properties of the documents, such as the subject or the type of invoice. A search based on the information inside the document is also possible. Because the application processes people’s personal payroll data, the GDPR angle is carefully managed.

Our responsibilities were:

  • Project definition and management
  • Defining a metadata set taking into account sähke2-specifications
  • Creating a DM archive library
  • Building a transfer tool
  • Building a modern interface

The technologies used are e.g. Microsoft .Net, OpenText DM, SQL Server.

Laurea University of Applied Sciences – Tutor-teacher’s guidance application

The tutor-teacher’s guidance application is a tool for monitoring and guiding the progress of studies. The service provides teaching and guidance staff with real-time information on the progress of individual students in their studies, as well as whole educational groups. The application runs in cloud and covers more than 10,000 students. Weasel Software will further develop and maintain the application until 2025.

With the help of the tutor-teacher’s guidance application, the tutoring staff is able to pick out the students whose study progress has slowed down and focus help to them. Through instructive means they can help the student catch up with their studies and complete them within the target time.

Likewise, it is also possible at an early stage to identify students who are advancing faster than their peers and to allow them an “acceleration lane” so that these students can graduate on a faster schedule.

Weasel Software aims to make the application easier to use, clearer and more secure.

“Because the application processes personal information related to the progress of studies, it is important that it is done in a secure and trustworthy manner,” comments Henri Valkama, Project Manager at Weasel Software.

The application is developed in a customer-oriented manner, i.e. the aim is to make its use as easy and intuitive as possible for its users. During the project, the most important functionalities have been further developed so that administrators can easily manage them in the application themselves.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Development and maintenance work
  • Cloud service resource management
  • Integrations in a cloud environment
  • Development of a CI/CD business model
  • Service management

The technologies used are e.g. .Net, Azure DevOps, Azure SQL Databases and Data Factory Analytics and Reporting Services.

Turku Region Public Transport Föli – Bus stop schedule poster generator

Effective public transport is one of the cornerstones of urban infrastructure. To make the system work, one key piece of information is needed above more than anything else:

“When will the buss arrive?”

Weasel Software created for Föli (Public transport in the Turku region) a timetable generator – it clarifies and makes easier the lives of people waiting their transport at the bus stop. The timetables created with it show in a clear and structured way which bus goes where and at what time.

Föli wanted to update the information provided at the stops to match modern times: there is a need for clear information presented graphically and visually, so it can be understood at a glance. Based on the data provided by the customer, the application created by Weasel Software calculates a stop schedule, draws a route map, presents the routes of the lines as a stop tree and tells other information relevant to the trip.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Application development
  • Construction of a conversion tool that converts GTFS data to Jore format
  • Creating print layouts programmatically
  • Project and service management
  • Maintenance services and further development
  • Cloud service support

The technologies used in the service are e.g. Node.js, React, Rest-APIs.