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Weasel Software acquires SmartPort-business, which manages passenger traffic gates in seven major ports

“Show your ticket at the gate and step inside”.
Baltic ferry passengers get digital care on their travel checkpoint

Passengers of the ferry traffic between Finland and Sweden and between Finland and Estonia use passenger traffic gates with SmartPort operating system, of which the Finnish company Weasel Software will be responsible. Seven ports in Finland, Åland and Sweden already use the system – amongst them the Port of Helsinki, which is one of the busiest passenger ports in Europe.

“The SmartPort-application ensures that the ferryticket shown at the gate is correct and valid, and controls that the ticketholder can only enter from the gate at the right time. Simultaneously, the application forwards the information on whether or not the person who displayed the ticket has passed through the gate”, says Juha Laurila, CEO of Weasel Software.

Weasel Software Oy acquired the SmartPort business from Fortum's Software Development unit, and will be responsible for its development and maintenance as of March 1, 2022. Weasel Software is part of the Smart port and Autonomous shipping ecosystem.

“We have high expectations for the future: The SmartPort business is well-suited to our business model: we have solid expertise in device-specific public transport solutions, such as the bus information display software we have developed. We are also familiar with the development and maintenance of such critical systems, for example in the role of supplier of public transport passenger information systems. And in addition, we are used to serving our customers in English, Swedish and Finnish, which are the main languages ​​of the current stakeholders in the SmartPort business”, says Laurila.

Weasel Software Oy is a rapidly growing Finnish software company owned by its employees. The company provides software projects, related services and experts for various software development roles. The company's long-term customers include the Finnish Transport Agency, the Prime Minister's Office, the Finnish Defense Forces and more than 20 Finnish public transport companies. Weasel Software Oy's turnover in 2021 was EUR 2.8 million, it has about 35 employees and more than 1,000 experts in its network.


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